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I have always enjoyed showering with all of my boyfriends. My favorite cock to soap up belongs to my current lover. Jason and I met a few years ago at a local gay bar. I had been watching him for most of the evening for he had a slender athletic build with short light brown hair. We were both in our mid-twenties and I was so glad that he caught me eyeing him. He introduced himself to me and we went back to my apartment to have hot gay sex.

We did not take a shower together until our seventh date. We actually went to our favorite restaurant for dinner and taken our dessert home with us. We fed each other a little of the chocolate cake before we undressed and smeared the dessert all over each other’s naked bodies. He fucked my tight ass hole before we both climaxed. I was still horny and I insisted that we take a shower to get the chocolate cake off our naked bodies.

I always used body and hair wash when I take a shower. We used that to soap each other up and both of our cocks grew hard again. I kneeled before Jason in the shower and took his soapy cock deep inside my ass hole for the second time that night.

I leaned against the shower wall while he pumped his hard dick in and out of my anal cavity. I slipped my hand down and started stroking my own soapy cock. He went deeper with each stroke and my hairless balls once more boiled with hot sperm.

I managed to keep from exploding until I felt Jason climaxing. My hot load shot out of my piss hole and sprayed the shower wall that I was leaning on. Jason’s fresh semen once more filled my ass hole until he was completely drained.

He kneeled behind me and licked his semen out of my anal cavity. Jason swallowed every drop of precious seed before he stood up.

We kissed before we rinsed the soap off our naked bodies. We exited the shower and dried each other off with large fluffy towels.

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